BOM of Ju Yuan Hao
Bill of Materials used by Juyuanhao Workshop

Materials which were used by Juyuanhao Workshop as list (partial):


Materials of Bow: Bamboo (Jiangxi Province, China), Ox / Water Buffalo Horn (Hubei

                              Province, China), Antler (Used in superb bow), Sinew, Wood, Birch

                              Bark (For decorating) and Snakeskin (For decorating)

Materials of Arrows: Shaft-Wood (Liu-Dao-mu, Beijing);

                                   Arrow head - Iron or Steel;

                                   Fletching - Tail feather of Eagle or the feather of Grey Goose from


Materials of Bow String: Linen, Hemp, Nature fibers, Sinew, Silk, Rawhide.

Materials of Bow Case: Pure leather

Materials of Arrow Quivers: Pure leather