about yang fuxi
China has an ancient civilization with a very long history and China boasts a wide variety of arts and crafts renowned for excellent workmanship. Under the protection of the Chinese government this craftsmanship has been handed down to the present day and many craft objects are sold to an appreciative overseas market.

In terms of technique, Chinese folk arts are categorized into cutting, bundling, plaiting, knitting, embroidering, carving, molding and painting. They have strong local flavors and ethnic styles.

Special arts and crafts involve the use of precious or special materials, combined with elaborate designs and processes to produce works of great elegance.

The traditional arts and crafts of China have won unique good reputations in the history of the material culture of the various nationalities in the world. Since Zhang Qian of the Han Dynasty served as an envoy abroad to the Western Regions and the gradual formation of the Silk Road (Silk Route), the traditional arts and crafts of China have been introduced in an unfailing way to the Middle East first via the Central Asia and the Western Asia then to Europe and the five continents and four oceans. At this time Ju Yuan Hao Workshop will show you how to make Chinese traditional Bow and Arrows.